• Colt M4A1 LE6920 Carbine

McKinley Arms is dedicated to help you defend yourself and your family.  In today’s world, odds are increasing that sooner or later your personal defense will become necessary.  Pick your reason.

In the next few pages we will discuss what we believe to be sound personal defense equipment and strategies.  The above pictures are great examples of personal defense equipment.  Go to What We Think to learn more about them.

What We Think

We may not always have our favorite products in stock, but we can order them.  Sometimes back-orders may take awhile but we will make every effort to expedite the ordering process.

Rest assured, we will not compromise our integrity or your well-being by recommending items that may be readily available in the marketplace but substandard when the rubber meets the road.

Our philosophy is “bigger is better”.  As an example, it will be rare for us to recommend a personal defense handgun smaller than 38 Special.  We like 45 caliber handguns for stopping power alone.  We even like full-size 5 inch barrels.  Sure, you may have a few challenges for use as a carry weapon, but we  do it all the time.  The last thing you want is to empty your weapon and the bad guy (or guys) keeps coming.  It is no accident that the US Military resumed issuing full-sized 45’s in mid 2012 after changing from 45’s to 9mm’s in the mid 80’s (the reason — too many dead soldiers being found in the Middle East with empty 9mm’s).  Having said that, a 22 caliber is better than no caliber.  Everything is a compromise, so keep that in mind when designing your own personal defense strategies.